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Top 3 Front-Closing Bras for Injuries

By Dr. Jan Naughton, PhD 22 days ago 69 Views No comments

Most bras open in the back, which is great if your shoulders are in shape to rotate. If you're among the quarter of the Australian population struggling with shoulder pain on a regular basis, however, reaching behind yourself to fasten and unfasten your bras may be a daily struggle for you. Our front-closing bras are perfect for women who have issues, including capsulitis, arthritis, and rotator cuff tears, impeding shoulder, wrist, or elbow function. If you want to try one of our front-closing bras today, check out our top 3 front-closing bra offerings.

Berlei Post-Surgery Bra

This comfortable nude bra sports wide shoulder straps, ensuring your back and shoulders receive the support they need. Completely wire-free, it's perfect for any woman recovering from recent surgery or looking for a front-closing bra that puts the comfort of the wearer first.

Playtex Posture Bra

Our Playtex Posture Bras offer power support at the back to help with posture and provide back support, perfect for women who find themselves fighting against back pain by the end of a busy day. Available in both black and nude, this versatile bra offers support everywhere you need it. Shelled patterns on the front of the bra help you feel both sexy and supported.

Fayreform Ultimate Comfort Bra

A 3-piece cut-and-sew cup ensures that there is no sacrifice to the support you receive from this comfortable, front-closing, wire-free bra. The crisscrossing back supports you for all-day comfort while ensuring a perfect fit every time. This bra is offered in both black and white to ensure a versatile wardrobe.

Check out all of our front-closing bras here!

About the author:

Dr Jan Naughton received her PhD at Sydney University where she was lecturing in Sports Medicine and undergraduate physiotherapy. She specialises in shoulder injuries and has a sports physiotherapy practice in Wahroonga on Sydney's upper north shore working with two other specialist colleagues.

Sydney Morning Herald Profiles Curvy - Behind the Scenes

By Wes Blundy 1 years ago 2374 Views No comments

We were thrilled to be profiled in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age today:

Original article here:

Transcript below:

Meet the man carving a living out of selling D-K-size bras

  • Nina Hendy

Wes Blundy didn't set out to become an expert in plus-size bras. But he couldn't ignore the huge gap in the market.

At first, his wife thought he was joking. But the 34-year-old explained to her that macro trends showed that the population was changing shape, and women had larger busts.

Wes Blundy is the owner of online bra retailer Curvy.Wes Blundy is the owner of online bra retailer Curvy. Photo: Supplied

"I could see it was pretty difficult to shop for a bra if you were size 14F or 22DD, particularly online. Even though bras are an everyday proposition for the majority of the population."

Sizing standards vary in different parts of the world and the high cost to return an ill-fitting bra to an overseas retailer also played into his hands.

Online bra retailer Curvy sells bigger size bras.Online bra retailer Curvy sells bigger size bras. Photo: Supplied

Proving the demand for bigger bras

So, Blundy jumped in, launching online plus-size bra retailer Curvy in January 2014 as an autonomous entrepreneurial venture, jointly funded by Bras N Things, to service the plus-size market. (His Uncle Brett Blundy owns Bras N Things.)

"I offered to take six months of no pay and negotiate with all the suppliers to make this happen. I was determined from the outset," Blundy says.


Incredibly, he didn't spend a cent on stock to launch, negotiating his first supplier to provide nearly 100 bras to test the market, ploughing earnings back into the business. "It was the only time we asked for free stock, and we sold out very quickly, proving there was market need for our online store."


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Early on, he was the only person in the team, and tried his best to answer customer queries.

Blundy says Curvy customers can get emotional.Blundy says Curvy customers can get emotional. Photo: Supplied

"Customers were surprised to find a male answering the phone. And my bra knowledge was really lacking at first."

He overcame this by taking their number, running downstairs to the Bras N Things team and asking for the answer before calling the customer back, he says.

"Customers can get emotional when they find us. Often, they've only got one beige harness that fits them, and haven't ever been able to find a strapless bra or sports bra.

"We always make sure we have the products people are looking for. We don't sell many bras in size 18J, but we still need to ensure we've got that stock when a customer comes looking for it."

Often, these women have only got one beige harness that fits them, and have never been able to find a strapless bra or sports bra.
Wes Bundy

A shipping container for an office

Blundy bought out Bras N Things' 50 per cent stake in the business at the start of 2016, determined to make his mark on the plus-size bra market.

He attributes part of his success to escaping exorbitant Sydney rent by leasing a small Storage King at $550 a month, where he began operations. "I set up the computers next to the racks of bras, coming into a shipping container to work each day."

This calendar year, Curvy's revenue is projected to be more than $1 million, up from $580,000 in 2016, with growth predicted to continue.

The power of knowing nothing

Ignorance can be a powerful advantage when launching an online business, as Rob Hango-Zada, the founder of Shippit, says.

"I also knew nothing about logistics when I launched Shippit," Hango-Zada says. "This ignorance means we weren't constrained by industry norms, or shackled to the beliefs of what's possible and what's not - often held by upper management."

What's important when launching a business is to know your customer and be sure of the problem you're trying to solve for them, Hango-Zada says.

Shippit now handles one per cent of all logistics bookings each month and has a turnover of more than $5 million.

Buoying sales

Blundy had partnered with his uncle before, with a previous proposal to handle the online franchise for national jewellery retailer Diva (also owned by his uncle) accepted. He built up online sales at Diva from a few hundred dollars a week to over $30,000 a week before selling the business, which is now defunct. Prior to that, Blundy was in international trade at PwC.

Surprising Curvy customers with free gifts with purchases for repeat customers have grown revenue. He also offers free shipping and absorbs the costs of free returns, which hover around 10-20 per cent.

A web service that tracks delivery emails customers about their expected arrival day and AfterPay has also buoyed sales.

"My wife thinks it's funny that I know her mum's and sister's bra sizes, but she's been really supportive, even when I wasn't even bringing in an income for the first six months," says Blundy.

International Women's Day!

By Carla Zanco 3 years ago 3337 Views No comments

Today we are celebrating International Women's Day! This important occasion is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

"The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights," says world-renowned feminist, journalist and social and political activist Gloria Steinem. International Women's Day is all about celebration, reflection, advocacy, and action - whatever that looks like globally at a local level. But one thing is for sure, International Women's Day has been occurring for over a century - and is growing annually from strength to strength.

We think today is the perfect day to treat yourself and celebrate being a women!
The Curvy Team Xx

6 Ultra Comfortable Berlei Bras Available in D Cup

By Natalie Smithson 3 years ago 7662 Views No comments

As strong, delicate and powerful women, we come in all shapes and sizes. Our lingerie needs fluctuate with the curves of our body as we pass through different phases in our lifetime. But there's one thing all of us want from our bras: Comfort.

Our first training bra eases us in gently, then soft cup bras might be favoured. Later on, practicality may prevail over style preferences, if you're looking for a nursing bra or mastectomy bra.

As we introduce you to a versatile range of bras from Berlei, you'll see that comfort can be found in many guises. You can find Berlei bras online for any stage in your life, in different colours and styles, and in plus sizes.

E Cup Bras: These 8 Styles Come In Your Size

By Natalie Smithson 3 years ago 19767 Views No comments

Wearers of E cup bras are in luck. With the market booming for plus size bras online these days, there are more and more fabulous bras available in your size every day. You want support, comfort – and a great selection of colours and fabrics to match the rest of your wardrobe.

To prove this, we've pulled together a sublime collection of both colourful and neutral, tantalising and practical bras, all with striking designs.

You'll feel fabulous in these eye-catching E cup bras that are perfectly constructed for a curvy figure.

20 Inspirational Quotes To Empower Plus Size Women and Girls

By Natalie Smithson 3 years ago 104135 Views No comments

Let's kick body shaming right out the door; there's no place for that here.

We've compiled twenty of the best inspirational pictures and motivational quotes in one larger-than-life post to celebrate plus size girls everywhere.

Knock 'em dead in plus size bras. Strut that plus size fashion.

We're celebrating your size and kicking negativity to the curb!

Let's Talk G Cup. There Are More of Us Than You Think

By Natalie Smithson 3 years ago 61526 Views No comments

When it comes to shopping around for undies, around two-thirds of internet searches are for plus size lingerie. That's a lot of Australian women out there looking for a bigger size.

What does this tell us? It tells us that G cup bras and other curvy sizes are more in demand than we think they are. Because there are far fewer searches for smaller sizes, it also suggests that women have found their solution to shopping for plus size clothing online.

Let's dig deeper for more of the truth.

Lingerie Style Guide - Valentines Day 2016

By Carla Zanco 3 years ago 2961 Views No comments

Valentine's Day...

With less than a Month till Valentines Day, We have found ourselves searching for the perfect style that will make us feel confident, look fabulous (oh and impress the other half)
With a huge range of sexy lingerie out there, it can be hard determining what look to go for, and how to style it. Which is why we thought we would make things easier by giving our top tips for our favourite Valentines day looks.

1. The Temptress is a sophisticated and sexy look that is perfect for showing off those curves. A sheer plunging bra goes a long way, and teamed with a matching suspender belt you will look and feel amazing and confident! You won't need to add much more for this look, simple bangles and a powerful scent will complete this provocative look.
We would recommend the Curvy Kate Cabaret Bra and Suspender Belt for this look.

1. The art of seduction starts with feeling confident and beautiful. A stiletto and bold lipstick will definitely help own this strong look. It's about making a statement and by wearing a bold, seductive Prima Donna bra you will feel ready to run the world (cue Beyonce)
Take it to the next level with matching red nails and a fierce attitude. The Prima Donna Twist A La Folie is our pick for ultimate seduction.

3. If you are not quite as daring and want to embrace a more subtle approach, you can't go wrong with a beautiful camisole or baby doll. With a hint of playfulness, this look will leave you feeling feminine and flirtatious. Team with a G-String for a raunchier look and add a nude eye shadow with a soft pink cheek to complete the look. We love the Curvy Kate Tease Me Camisole in Black Berry, but opt for the Cranberry Red if you're feeling a daring!

6 Stunning Bras from Triumph for Every Possible Occasion

By Natalie Smithson 3 years ago 5811 Views No comments

Your days are fraught with activity, but lingerie models always look calm and collected.

You want to feel sexy, but that plunge bra is totally inappropriate for today.

It's a common problem: How do you build a collection of large size bras for every occasion on a budget?

We'll show you Triumph bras that work for every day of the week – and you won't have to raid the piggy bank to revolutionise your wardrobe.

5 Surprising Reasons Why Mums Choose Hotmilk Maternity Bras

By Natalie Smithson 3 years ago 9070 Views No comments

If you're enjoying a healthy and happy pregnancy, you'll be feeling pretty fabulous right now.

Your hair is glossy, your nails are thick, and your skin is more radiant than you've ever seen it before. Once you start showing, people will smile at you in the street and hold open the door. You're the bearer of new life and feel like a goddess: it's an exciting time and full of wonder.

So how is it that pregnancy clothing, lingerie and maternity sleepwear is so utterly dull? Even with an extra heartbeat beating inside you, you still want to feel good in your undies and Hotmilk maternity wear saves the day.

10 Plus Size Prima Donna Styles for Special Occasions Only

3 years ago 15688 Views 1 comment

If "Prima Donna" means "first lady," then you can't go wrong with this luxury brand of lingerie when you want to feel like a goddess.

Prima Donna lingerie is devoted to women's natural curves, and specialises in large cup bras. This means you can find a sexy bra to accentuate your curves, whether you wear F cup bras, a K cup bra, or anything typically classed as plus size lingerie.

Lingerie for Every Special Occasion

Those one-off, exclusive events are when you want to feel at your best. You want lingerie that has your limbs sizzling underneath your clothes because it's so damn hot!

Too many large size bras run the risk of being boring. A full-bodied G cup bra shouldn't limit your choice either, so here's a list of sumptuous Prima Donna bras online that are available in a D cup and above.

10 Curvy Lingerie Models That Challenge Social Stereotypes

By Nickolay Linkov 3 years ago 21077 Views No comments

Are you hungry for the fashion world to show more women with fuller figures?

Has the skinny trend worn a bit thin?

If you prefer to celebrate women in all shapes and sizes, you're not alone.

Here are ten stories from plus-size models who actively promote plus size fashion and beauty for curvy women everywhere.

5 Lies You’ll Hear Shopping for Plus Size Lingerie

By Nickolay Linkov 3 years ago 18728 Views No comments

You won't find an abundance of plus size clothing stores in shopping centres. Do you know why? They tell us it's because there's no market for larger clothes or big girl lingerie.

They're wrong. You and I both know it.

You'll hear time and time again that designers don't want to make curvy clothes, that nobody wants to sell them, and there isn't a market for women who will buy them, but we have five reasons why the lies we're told about plus size need to be put to rest.

So, You Think You're Wearing a Plus Size Bra? Guess Again!

By Natalie Smithson 3 years ago 12396 Views No comments

Curvy, busty and top-heavy are all names given to ladies who supposedly wear large size bras. But do they?

In days gone by, the most commonly worn bra size was claimed to be a 12B and anything above this was classed as big girl lingerie.

These days, there's such reduced demand for smaller sizes that some styles aren't even made in a B cup, which tells us plus size bras in Australia are sold more often than we think.

It's time some of these old wives tales about an average cup size are dismissed and the J cup bra celebrated.

Hotmilk Model Search winners

By Carla Zanco 3 years ago 2064 Views No comments

We recently blogged about the latest entrants for the Hotmilk Model Search (see here) and we just cannot get enough!
The gorgeous mothers and mothers-to-be demonstrate how beautiful you can look and feel in the Hotmilk maternity and nursing range.

Whether you are a first time mum or a veteran to motherhood, there is nothing like feeling pretty and feminine whilst being completely comfortable and supported!
This is why Hotmilk is so successful- the beautifully designed styles will feel amazing whilst looking elegant.

We can't wait to show you some more images of the winners in the latest Hotmilk range - Watch this space!