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10 Plus Size Prima Donna Styles for Special Occasions Only

10 Plus Size Prima Donna Styles for Special Occasions Only
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If "Prima Donna" means "first lady," then you can't go wrong with this luxury brand of lingerie when you want to feel like a goddess.

Prima Donna lingerie is devoted to women's natural curves, and specialises in large cup bras. This means you can find a sexy bra to accentuate your curves, whether you wear F cup bras, a K cup bra, or anything typically classed as plus size lingerie.

Lingerie for Every Special Occasion

Those one-off, exclusive events are when you want to feel at your best. You want lingerie that has your limbs sizzling underneath your clothes because it's so damn hot!

Too many large size bras run the risk of being boring. A full-bodied G cup bra shouldn't limit your choice either, so here's a list of sumptuous Prima Donna bras online that are available in a D cup and above.

1. Turn Heads on Opening Night


Gardenia Rose bra

The Gardenia Rose will have you ready for anything on opening night, be it thunderclaps of applause for a play or a distilled air of appreciation at a gallery. Feel confident about mingling with talent scouts, art connoisseurs, and everyone else in between.

This underwire bra is delicately created with French embroidery, Swiss tulle and Belgium soft knit fabric, which makes this bra feel like a work of art in itself

Like all Prima Donna full cup bras, the Gardenia Rose is incredibly comfortable. It has a cotton lining and soft foam support in the underwire case.

2. Dance All Night Long at a Black Tie Event


Prima Donna Deauville bra

If you like to see your man in a dress shirt and tuxedo, we're sure he appreciates your little black dress just as much. What you wear underneath is equally important.

The Deauville is proof that an H cup bra doesn't have to be boring. You'll feel sensational in this delicate deep cup bra that offers an uncompromising fit, so that you can dance the night away fully supported.

A best-seller among all Prima Donna bras, this style will help you feel free and sexy at the same time. Beautiful and understated, the elegant Deauville is a hit across all age groups, shapes and sizes.

3. Make an Unforgettable Choice for Your Wedding Day


Geisha bra

The world of a geisha is captivating, yet secretive. On your wedding day, you're the most striking woman in the room, but it's what you're wearing underneath your dress the sets the foundation of your look. You want something gives you a secret confidence from within.

With so much to plan for your wedding day, it is far easier to buy bras online and, even though it is pale in colour, the Geisha stands out a mile.

Feminine and charming, this exquisite piece of lingerie is just right for any bride. It offers a rounded shape, which means your wedding dress can hang beautifully from top to bottom.

4. Stand Out at a Premiere


Jewel Green bra

If you have the chance to go to a film premiere, the last thing you want to wear is something ordinary. You'll be mixing with celebrities and rubbing shoulders with the stars, so you want to know that underneath it all is lingerie that sparkles.

The Couture is the perfect fit for a fashion icon. Jewel Green is a great choice if you're looking for that classy and stylish look. However, if you feel more daring, you may want to try out other colours like Black or even Red Kiss. For a romantic occasion you'll never go wrong with natural White or warm Caramel.

Lucky for you, the Couture is also made from elastic lace, so you can stand out without having to worry about having to make adjustments or other distraction.

5. Cocktail Party


Twist A La Folie balconette bra

Every girl loves a cocktail party. Whether you're into Sex and the City or the classic martini shaken, not stirred, one thing's for sure: You want to feel sexy in that dress.

Inspired by corsetry of the 1950s, the A La Folie has a balconette shape and translucent fabrics that leave you feeling sublime

The Scarlet Twist Bra from the A La Folie collection is a balconette bra that is naturally flirtatious. However you choose to interpret the dress code, you'll feel like a vixen underneath. This might be all the fuel you need to mix with a crowd or enjoy a fun night out with your girlfriends.

6. Indulge on Your Honeymoon


A La Folie Paris bra

Named for the most romantic city in the world, Paris is from the A La Folie collection, which makes this a sensational choice for any honeymoon.

This bra is accentuating the hourglass figure that naturally erupts from a fuller bust. While the A La Folie Bra is sometime hard to find in bra shops it can be ordered in an impressive range of options, including see-through fabrics, padding, and underwire.

A La Folie - Paris is a striking combination of black ribbon against white fabric. You can rest assured that the person you've promised to share the rest of your life with won't be able to keep their eyes off you.

7. Another Secret Hidden Underneath at a Masquerade


Madison Bra

To complement the air of excitement that surrounds a costume party, the Madison bra is bright and alluring with an air of suspense.

Electrifying in topaz blue, the Madison hides unexpectedly underneath your costume, with a stretchy upper cup to make sure you're comfortable and relaxed throughout the night.

8. Look as Elegant as Anything Onstage at the Opera


Madam Butterfly Bra

As opera singers take to the stage in elaborate dresses we'd all love to wear just once, there's no need to feel plain in comparison. The Madam Butterfly bra feels sensational against your skin and is a perfect match for the delicate frills and ruffles that weave in and out of the costumes you see on stage.

This delightful balconette bra from Prima Donna is vibrant with a classic guipure binding on the shoulder straps and sides. You'll feel on par with the soprano in this stunning little number.

9. Dress Up for a Boudoir Photoshoot


Caramba Body bodysuit from Prima Donna

When we say photoshoot, we don't mean Glamour. We're talking about the growing popularity of boudoir photography and everyday women documenting their beautiful bodies on camera for their own keepsakes, a gift to their partner, or just for a bit of fun.

You won't necessarily want to bare all, but you do want to feel irresistible on the day. This sumptuous Caramba Body bodysuit from Prima Donna is made from two-tone lace with super-smooth cups and perfect to cover you just enough.

10. Take a Delicious Strapless Dress to Dinner



This bright red bra is aptly named as a Divine strapless bra, which accentuates and supports a fuller chest.

The bandeau line sits strong around the bust and, depending on your outfit, you can use or remove straps that can be adjusted to sit across the shoulders or around the neck.

If you've got a hot date, the Divine bra is sure to make you smoulder.

There's More!

Choosing the right bra for your occasion is incredibly personal. Whatever mood you're in or whichever dress you decide to wear, there's a plus-size bra to suit.

Browse the Curvy catalogue for more colours and styles. All of the PrimaDonna styles listed here are available to order for Curvy customers, some styles may require special request.

Don't hesitate to contact us to enquire about the complete Prima Donna lingerie collection. 02 8399 8671,

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