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August 2015

Healthy Is The New Skinny

By Carla Zanco 3 years ago 8795 Views No comments

Katie Wilcox: Healthy Is The New Skinny

Katie Wilcox is the founder of Healthy is the new Skinny – A body positive platform and brand that promotes an all inclusive approach to female health. HNS is shifting the perspective away from the media's depiction of health and beauty and directing women to look within to discover that authentic health is an experience, not an image to obtain. Health and beauty are positive attributes to our lives, when health and beauty cause harm or negativity, it is not authentic and should be questioned.

Katie and her blog focuses on having a healthy lifestyle, positive attitude and an appreciation of your body- no matter what size you are!

We love how she provides a healthy perspective on current fashion or trends. She has recently photographed herself mimicking the Forever 21 Campaign, showing us that you don't have to be stick thin to pull off these styles!

We love how Katie Wilcox promotes healthy eating without starving- Her blog is dedicated to a happy, healthy lifestyle and she knows how to appreciate and embrace her curves which is not always something we see in the media.

You can see Katie photographed for the Latest Robyn Lawley Collection ON THE CUVY BLOG

Robyn Lawley 2015 Collection

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Fall in love with the latest Robyn Lawley collection!

The combination of gorgeous prints and slimming shapes will have you craving for that Summer sun!

View the complete collection

Robyn Lawley is also shooting this collection with Cosmopolitan Magazine, we are loving the behind the scenes shots!

Nursing And Maternity Bras

By Carla Zanco 3 years ago 3590 Views No comments


It can be hard to determine what type of maternity or nursing bra you need, as it is crucial you are wearing the most comfortable and supportive style while you are going through your pregnancy!

Hotmilk is one of the leading suppliers for maternity and nursing bras, providing both beautiful and comfortable styles to suit any stage of your pregnancy.

"We know you want to look and feel comfortable, glamorous and feminine all at the same time- So we've designed bras which allow you to do just that! We test them extensively on real, pregnant women – and we wear them ourselves! We source the most technologically advanced fabrics and accessories, which also happen to be fashionable and exquisitely beautiful too. - Hotmilk

The features of nursing and maternity bras:

Every bra will fit slightly differently and not every bra will suit every bust shape, so make sure you try a few different styles of nursing and maternity bras.


1. Before fitting the bra, extend the shoulder straps out right to the end.

2. Slip the straps over your shoulders and whilst holding both ends
of the bra, lean forward into the bra so your bust will fall naturally into the cups.

3. Stand up straight and fasten the back closure to the second tightest set of eyes. Nursing and maternity bras have 6 rows of hook & eyes to provide room for expansion in the diaphragm, which will allow for the bra to be loosened (on average) one set of eyes per month during pregnancy.
Note: If you are 7-8 months pregnant when you are being fitted, the bra should be fastened on one of the looser set of eyes.

4. Pull the bra down firmly to position the back fastening underneath the shoulder blades.

5. Lift your bust into the bra cups by using the opposite hand to the breast. This ensures the breast is correctly positioned in the cup and isn't sitting under the band or spilling over the top of the underarm.
Note: There should be enough room in the cup for you to slide your hand into the upper cup for expansion when the milk flow arrives.

6. Lastly adjust your shoulder straps so they give a firm but comfortable uplift to your bust

It is exciting time ahead and we want you to be completely comfortable during your pregnancy, If you have any questions about the fit or our range of bras, please contact us on:

AU: 1800 810 031
NZ: 0800 556 611

+61 2 8399 8671


Are you wearing the wrong sports bra?

By Carla Zanco 3 years ago 8928 Views No comments

Are you wearing the right sports bra?

There probably isn't a woman alive who hasn't been stuck in a change room in a too-small, too-tight sports bra, and it's just as important to get fitted for sports bras as it is for regular bras.
The gorgeous Shelly Beach from has provided a helpful video to ensure we are buying the correct sports bra- which is so important!

Shop our complete sports bra collection HERE