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So, You Think You're Wearing a Plus Size Bra? Guess Again!

By Natalie Smithson 3 years ago 12621 Views No comments

Curvy, busty and top-heavy are all names given to ladies who supposedly wear large size bras. But do they?

In days gone by, the most commonly worn bra size was claimed to be a 12B and anything above this was classed as big girl lingerie.

These days, there's such reduced demand for smaller sizes that some styles aren't even made in a B cup, which tells us plus size bras in Australia are sold more often than we think.

It's time some of these old wives tales about an average cup size are dismissed and the J cup bra celebrated.

Guest Post - My Journey to Becoming a Curvy Model

By Rosalind Strong 4 years ago 4172 Views No comments

Guest post by Rosalind Strong - Contestant in the 2015 Worldwide Curvy Kate Model Search

Remember when a Double D cup was the big size? I remember being so embarrassed about hitting that double letter when I was in 6th grade. Then in high school the outward growth spurt occurred! I felt like an anomaly. There was no bra that fit me. Funny thing is that I was far from the only one! There were plenty of girls who would have exceeded an E cup if they were fitted correctly and had the choices available. We just didn't have the option.

Finally there is Curvy Kate! Thank you for making me feel like a normal person. No more squashing myself into things that cut off part of my lung capacity. These bras actually fit AND are pretty too!

The Star in a Bra competition popped up in my newsfeed one day. I was hesitant to enter at first as I've only JUST gained the confidence to wear swimwear in public. Even my best friend of 20 years saw me in a bikini for the first time only a few months back.

On the day before the comp's cut-off date, I took a deep breath and snapped some completely amateur self timed photos of myself - I think I may have scared my neighbour - and after the first voting round, my face is in the top 10! Now everyone can see me in my knickers - not just my poor neighbour.

The top 10 girls get a free trip to London for a professional photo shoot! I'm pinching myself! Then, the final voting round begins to determine who wins a contract with Curvy Kate, a holiday with spending money, and a years worth of their pretty bras!

If you would like to support the lone Aussie in the competition this year, then please vote. Honestly, I am just happy to even be considered as a potential representative for curvy girls. There is some hot competition in the top 10... so I see anything from here to be the icing on the cake. Maybe the best icing ever!

I would be so proud to be a part of this new kind of scene, where bodies can be celebrated no matter what size or shape they are. Real looking people should be the face of products that real people buy - it just makes sense!

Thanks - Curvy by Bras N Things, for bringing these products to Australia!

To see all the finalists and vote for the ultimate winner visit