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Let's Talk G Cup. There Are More of Us Than You Think

By Natalie Smithson 3 years ago 61544 Views No comments

When it comes to shopping around for undies, around two-thirds of internet searches are for plus size lingerie. That's a lot of Australian women out there looking for a bigger size.

What does this tell us? It tells us that G cup bras and other curvy sizes are more in demand than we think they are. Because there are far fewer searches for smaller sizes, it also suggests that women have found their solution to shopping for plus size clothing online.

Let's dig deeper for more of the truth.

10 Plus Size Prima Donna Styles for Special Occasions Only

3 years ago 15692 Views 1 comment

If "Prima Donna" means "first lady," then you can't go wrong with this luxury brand of lingerie when you want to feel like a goddess.

Prima Donna lingerie is devoted to women's natural curves, and specialises in large cup bras. This means you can find a sexy bra to accentuate your curves, whether you wear F cup bras, a K cup bra, or anything typically classed as plus size lingerie.

Lingerie for Every Special Occasion

Those one-off, exclusive events are when you want to feel at your best. You want lingerie that has your limbs sizzling underneath your clothes because it's so damn hot!

Too many large size bras run the risk of being boring. A full-bodied G cup bra shouldn't limit your choice either, so here's a list of sumptuous Prima Donna bras online that are available in a D cup and above.

5 Lies You’ll Hear Shopping for Plus Size Lingerie

By Nickolay Linkov 3 years ago 18739 Views No comments

You won't find an abundance of plus size clothing stores in shopping centres. Do you know why? They tell us it's because there's no market for larger clothes or big girl lingerie.

They're wrong. You and I both know it.

You'll hear time and time again that designers don't want to make curvy clothes, that nobody wants to sell them, and there isn't a market for women who will buy them, but we have five reasons why the lies we're told about plus size need to be put to rest.

So, You Think You're Wearing a Plus Size Bra? Guess Again!

By Natalie Smithson 3 years ago 12415 Views No comments

Curvy, busty and top-heavy are all names given to ladies who supposedly wear large size bras. But do they?

In days gone by, the most commonly worn bra size was claimed to be a 12B and anything above this was classed as big girl lingerie.

These days, there's such reduced demand for smaller sizes that some styles aren't even made in a B cup, which tells us plus size bras in Australia are sold more often than we think.

It's time some of these old wives tales about an average cup size are dismissed and the J cup bra celebrated.