20 Inspirational Quotes To Empower Plus Size Women and Girls

20 Inspirational Quotes To Empower Plus Size Women and Girls

Let's kick body shaming right out the door; there's no place for that here.

We've compiled twenty of the best inspirational pictures and motivational quotes in one larger-than-life post to celebrate plus size girls everywhere.

Knock 'em dead in plus size bras. Strut that plus size fashion.

We're celebrating your size and kicking negativity to the curb!

1. Be Your Own Biggest Fan

First of all, the most important thing to remember is: If you talk down to yourself about plus size, others will too.

Start the morning right: Praise your body every day.

2. Do It Your Way

Whether you like sweatpants and a T-shirt or won't step outside the house without a pair of heels, wear what you want to wear and you can't go wrong.

3. Curvy and Cheeky

Attitude knows no boundaries.

4. No Excuses

If you struggle with body confidence, you're not alone, but there's plenty to be proud of. Our bodies undergo amazing feats of physical engineering every minute of every day that we're alive. Appreciate the complexities of what's going on beneath the surface and you'll be hard-pressed to criticise it! 

5. Never Mind the Next Person

Who has better thighs? Who is prettier? Who rocks those sexy plus size dresses the best?

The answer is that everyone you ask will have a different opinion.

6. Rules Are Meant to be Broken

Too curvy? Says who! Whoever set the rules on what 'average' is has got their measurements all wrong.

7. The Only Opinions That Matter

Pay attention to motivational messages from those who care. They might not say it or write it down, but unconditional love speaks loud and clear.

Keep kind people close and forget those who aren't.

8. Live It Up in Plus Size Fashion

Who doesn't enjoy seeing other people get the most out of life, following their dreams or making a bucket list? Whatever your calling is in life, give it all you've got.

9. Looking Good

It makes no difference if you prefer charity shop bargains or designer plus size clothing, it's confidence people really see.

10. Choose Inspirational Pictures Over Catwalk Standards

Feel the love.

11. What I Wouldn't Do

It's amazing how we always want what we haven't got, isn't it? Girls with straight hair want a bit of a curl. Tall women want to be shorter sometimes. Let's not get started on our figures…

Truth is, we all have our beauties and we all have our imperfections. Embrace it all. These are the things that make us unique.

12. Enjoy the Ride

Our incredible journey as women takes us through all manner of twists and turns. Bodies get fatter and thinner or stronger and weaker. We are young, then old, but our soul stays the same.

13. More Than Just a Body

If ever there was a woman to tell us what inspirational quotes to live by, it's Maya Angelou. Fifty – yes, 50 – honourary degrees to her name mean that this lady knows a thing or two:

You're so much more than the numbers on your plus size lingerie.

14. A Nice Round Number

While we're at it, let's talk about weight.

Whatever it is, we're okay with that.

15. Take Pride in the Knowledge

Someone tells you it's too big a number? You know better.

Pity the person who judges others.

16. Don't Give Permission

That body confidence thing we keep banging on about? This is where it's at.

17. You Can't Buy Happiness

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that sharing happy news is good for you. So, go find something that makes your day and share it with everyone you know.

There are enough haters in the world already.

Best Motivational Quotes From Celebrities

Proof is in the pudding, they say, so for good measure, here's a few extra inspirational quotes from world-famous plus size celebrities who made it big:

18. Making Sweet Music

Adele is known for speaking her mind and says she finds any distraction about what she looks like to be "petty":

We couldn't agree more.

19. Acting Out

Comedic actor Melissa McCarthy points the finger firmly at the viewer:

This woman's not letting anyone get in the way of her success.

20. Oozing Sex Appeal

Plus-size model Tess Munster lashes out at our obsession with looks:

She whips up a storm in this corset.

Let's Talk About Sex

We're free to express our bodies in any way we choose to. Are you ready to embrace your body and your style? If you want to join Tess and grace your figure with sexy yet sophisticated lingerie, check out our full and fabulous plus size range.

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