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Knowing your Band Size...

When it comes to finding the correct size, here at Curvy we prefer to work to a method of 'Fitting' bras by finding what works for a particular body shape rather than measuring, however that doesn't mean that tape measures don't have their place. If you're completely lost and need a place to start then measuring your band size can be the place to do it. 

To obtain your ‘under bust’ measurement, stand up straight, take a tape measure and wrap it around your ribcage (it's best to do this without clothing on). It should lie flat and horizontally (ensuring the tape is parallel with the floor) and it should be snug to the body but not too tight. Once you've done this, record the measurement in either centimetres or inches and use this figure to find your corresponding band size, based on the table below.

For example, if your ‘band measurement’ is 94cm, you will fall within the 91-95cm range in the table below. Therefore, your corresponding band size will be an Australian size 16 or a UK size 38. 

Note: If you are in between size ranges, we suggest you try both sizes and opt for the one that offers the best support.

Band Measurements    Band Size   
Centimetres Inches   Australian Sizes United Kingdom Sizes 
71-75  28-29 8 30
76-80  30-31 10 32
81-85  32-33 12 34
86-90  34-35 14 36
91-95  36-37 16 38
96-100  38-39 18 40
101-105  40-41 20 42
106-110  42-44 22 44
111-115  44-45 24 46
116-120  46-47 26 48 
121-125  48-49 28 50

Knowing your correct band size is the most important step into finding a correctly fitting bra so once you've got this nailed then the rest can come pretty easily. 

In terms of your cup size we recommend the trial and error method, this is where you try cup sizes until you find the correct fit. Measuring the volume of your bust is incredibly difficult and often inaccurate due to every woman's breasts being different.

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