Curvy Fitting Room

Hello and welcome to the Curvy Fitting Room!

Not sure of your size and need some help? Well fear not as we’re here as your fairy-boob-mothers! 


Getting a correctly fitting bra doesn’t mean travelling hours for an in-person fitting, we can get you fitted in the correct size and style, right from the comfort of your own home!

There are 3 ways to help find your size via our site:

  • Virtual Fittings
  • Bra Size Quiz
  • Step by Step Fitting Guide at Home

1. Virtual Fittings:

If you're after a more tailored service and some 1:1 help, then our virtual fittings could be just the ticket! Click the button below to book an online video appointment with one of our trained bra-fitters. Our virtual fittings are safe, private and completely free of charge.

 Book a Virtual Fitting


2. Bra Quiz

Our bra quiz asks you questions about your current bra and how this fits and then suggests a new and improved fit. We can also suggest bra styles based on your preferences. What are you waiting for? Try it now…

Take our Bra Quiz

3. Step by step guide:

If you want to have a go at fitting yourself then follow the steps below and we can try and guide you to a better fitting bra! 

Step 1: Your Current Bra Size. 


Let’s start with the bra you are currently wearing. This should be your go to bra and preferably not your sports bra or a padded bra. The one that fits you the best. 

Step 2: Let’s talk about the band…

How does your current band fit?


  • Way too small: Your bra is hard to fasten, hurts and leaves deep red marks: Go up TWO band sizes. 
  • Too small: It’s uncomfortable and feels too tight = Go up a band size. 
  • Comfortable: It’s fitting comfortably on the loosest hook without riding or digging in = stay the same.
  • Too big: It’s riding up my back = Go down a band size.
  • Way too big: Your band is riding up and can be pulled out further than 3 inches from your body = Go down TWO band sizes.

Fitter’s note: 80% of your overall bra support needs to come from the band so it needs to be snug. If it isn’t, it will place too much pressure on your poor shoulders. 

Step 3: Let’s talk about the cups…

How are your girls sitting in the cups?

  • Large amount of gaping: There is a large amount of space in the cups that isn’t filled when stood up straight with shoulders back = Go down two cup sizes.
  • Gaping: There is some space in my cups that isn’t filled when stood up straight with shoulders back = Go down a cup size.  
  • Perfecto: No gapping, no wrinkles and no spillage = Stay the same.
  • Spillage: There is some spillage happening, perhaps a little double boob action? = Go up in your cup size. 
  • Large amount of spillage: There is a large amount of breast tissue not sitting in the cups = Go up two cup sizes. 

Once you have the answer to these questions we can start to try new sizes and figure out what works best for YOUR body. 

Key things to remember are that bra sizes are relative, if you go down a back size then you’ll need to go up a cup size for the cup volume to stay the same. For example, if you were wearing a 12F but needed a 10 band size you’d now need a 10FF for the cups to fit your breasts.

Notes on Measuring:

Measuring isn't a fitting method we generally use at Curvy due to there being so many variations of bodies, breasts and measuring techniques. However we do realise that sometimes it can be a great place to start. To determine your band size using a tape measure, please click below.

Band Size Calculator

We understand it can be tricky to find the right size so if you'd like some help or advice then please do not hesitate to contact our team of specialist bra fitters who will be more than happy to advise you on what style and size you should try. You can get in touch with them via the form below.