What is a Moulded Bra?

February 25, 2019

moulded bra is a bra where the cup is made out of a single piece of fabric and has no seams through the middle of the cup. (As opposed to a bra with the cups made of different pieces of fabric sewn together to form the cup shape).
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10 Curvy Lingerie Models That Challenge Social Stereotypes

10 Curvy Lingerie Models That Challenge Social Stereotypes

November 23, 2018

Before making it big as a plus-size model, Crystal Renn struggled to keep her weight down as low as the fashion world demanded.
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Sydney Morning Herald Profiles Curvy - Behind the Scenes

October 11, 2018

Wes Blundy didn't set out to become an expert in plus-size bras. But he couldn't ignore the huge gap in the market.

At first, his wife thought he was joking. But the 34-year-old explained to her that macro trends showed that....

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Top 3 Front-Closing Bras for Injuries

October 01, 2018

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International Women's Day!

September 10, 2018

Today we are celebrating International Women's Day! This important occasion is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.
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6 Ultra Comfortable Berlei Bras Available in D Cup

June 12, 2018

As strong, delicate and powerful women, we come in all shapes and sizes. Our lingerie needs fluctuate with the curves of our body as we pass through different phases in our lifetime. But there's one thing all of us want from our bras: Comfort.
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E Cup Bras: These 8 Styles Come In Your Size

March 05, 2018

Wearers of E cup bras are in luck. With the market booming for plus size bras online these days, there are more and more fabulous bras available in your size every day. You want support, comfort – and a great selection of colours and fabrics to match the rest of your wardrobe.
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20 Inspirational Quotes To Empower Plus Size Women and Girls

January 02, 2018

Let's kick body shaming right out the door; there's no place for that here.

We've compiled twenty of the best inspirational pictures and motivational quotes in one larger-than-life post to celebrate plus size girls everywhere.

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6 Stunning Bras from Triumph for Every Possible Occasion

June 12, 2017

Your days are fraught with activity, but lingerie models always look calm and collected.

You want to feel sexy, but that plunge bra is totally inappropriate for today.

It's a common problem: How do you build a collection of large size bras for every occasion on a budget?

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5 Surprising Reasons Why Mums Choose Hotmilk Maternity Bras

May 09, 2017

If you're enjoying a healthy and happy pregnancy, you'll be feeling pretty fabulous right now. 

Your hair is glossy, your nails are thick, and your skin is more radiant than you've ever seen it before. Once you start showing, people will smile at you in the street and hold open the door. You're the bearer of new life and feel like a goddess: it's an exciting time and full of wonder.

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5 Lies You’ll Hear Shopping for Plus Size Lingerie

April 02, 2017

You won't find an abundance of plus size clothing stores in shopping centres. Do you know why? They tell us it's because there's no market for larger clothes or big girl lingerie.
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Let's Talk G Cup. There Are More of Us Than You Think

March 03, 2017

When it comes to shopping around for undies, around two-thirds of internet searches are for plus size lingerie. That's a lot of Australian women out there looking for a bigger size.
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