Bra Care

Let's chat about how to care for your new items, so they will care for you...

We always recommend to hand wash and dry in the shade for longevity in your bras! *no machines, wash/lingerie bags or dryers. Always check the manufacturers care label.

Hand washing isn't as daunting or time consuming as we may think.

Here are our helpful tips and tricks to make caring for your bras easier!

In the Shower
You're going in there anyway, may as well multitask!

⭐️ Wear this into the shower and use your body wash or soap.
This is soft on your skin, so this will be soft on your bra.

⭐️ Take off and hang over the rail and let dry.

If your bra is contoured or moulded shape the cup over your knee and squeeze out the excess water.

In a Bucket or Bathtub
This works for 1 or multiple bras.

⭐️ Pop all your bras in a bucket or a bathtub.

⭐️ Some water and wool wash, then let soak for approx. an hour.

⭐️ Rinse well and hang or lay flat to dry in the shade. 

We recommend Earth's Choice Wool Wash alternatively a washing liquid or a powder, however make sure this is dissolved prior to popping your bras in.

Simple right?!

We would love to see how you care for your investment!
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