4 signs you're wearing the wrong size bra...

Wearing the right bra is so important! Not only does it provide maximum comfort but also gives you a smooth silhouette, instantly improving your how your clothes sit on the body.
There are 4 obvious signs that you are wearing the wrong size bra:

1. Overbust is where it looks as if the breasts are "spilling" from the cups, giving a bulging look over the top and sides.
This is due to the cup size too small, the top of the cup should lie totally flat on your bust.
If in doubt, try on a t-shirt over your bra, as this will make any bulging more obvious.
2. A rising back is a sure sign you need to change the band size because it is too big.
If your underband rides up (red line) it's too big. It should sit horizontally level across your back (green line).
Test this by pulling it away from your body - it shouldn't stretch more than two inches.
3. If your cups look creased of baggy, this is a sign that the cup sizes are too large.
Your bra should fit perfectly without any gaps. If there is space in the cups around your bust, then the cup is too big.
4. Gaping under the bust usually means the back band is too big for you.
The underwire should sit comfortably under the bust and sitting flat of the skin.
If the wires lift away from your body in the middle, or are sitting on top of your breast at all, then your cup size may be too small.