6 Stunning Bras from Triumph for Every Possible Occasion

Your days are fraught with activity, but lingerie models always look calm and collected.

You want to feel sexy, but that plunge bra is totally inappropriate for today.

It's a common problem: How do you build a collection of large size bras for every occasion on a budget?

We'll show you Triumph bras that work for every day of the week – and you won't have to raid the piggy bank to revolutionise your wardrobe.

A Week in the Life of Plus Size Lingerie

No two women or weekly schedules are the same, but one fact is true: we all want to feel fabulous in our lingerie.

Let's take a whirl through a week in the lingerie life we all dream of: a choice of bras we can change into on a whim, all of them affordable, and all of them pretty.

Monday: Off to a Flying Start


The last thing you want to do is get out of your cozy bed after a fantastic weekend. Your hair looks like you just crawled out of a cave and you desperately need a shower, but who isn't running late on a Monday morning?

Hair can be scraped back. Perfume can mask the fact you haven't had a chance to wash underneath those clean clothes. But that cheap, flimsy bra? It does you no favours.

A contoured balconette bra is your saviour here. Thin foam on the Gorgeous Temptation bra cups means there's no risk of an early-morning wake up call that makes your nipples stand out to attention. They'll be discreetly covered at all times with the foam cups draped over in lace.

Tuesday: Make Sure the Right Parts Get a Workout


You've had a long day, but there's an hour to spare before you need to head home and you're still pumped full of energy.

Do you want to hit the gym, but fear knocking out the person next to you as you pop in and out of that half-cup bra? Sports shouldn't be off limits to anyone with larger breast sizes. Kit yourself out with a Triumph sports bra and you'll eliminate bounce, as well as other unpleasant side effects of exercise.

The Triaction Performance bra is made from eco-fabric, which not only absorbs moisture, it also washes well and quickly springs back into shape, ready to do it all over again.

Wednesday: Feed Your Inner Diva


After the busiest morning ever you've worked up a hunger, but you're still rushing all the way to lunch. The problem with plus size bras is that many designs can leave you feeling frumpy and that's just not the way you want to dine.

Luckily for you, Triumph's online offers include a sassy range of supportive bras, even in a T-shirt bra for more dressed-down days at work. Bra shopping has never been easier.

The Miraculous Silhouette bra is sensationally smooth with moulded cups. A double-layered bonded back gives any lunch date a fuller flavour, knowing you sizzle underneath.

Thursday: Your Best Assets


You're at work and all set to deliver a training session. You might wear size 16 lingerie and your cleavage might be known for turning heads. But if you're not Joan from Mad Men, right now you want all eyes on the whiteboard and not on you.

A minimiser bra can make your chest look a size smaller than you actually are. Your breasts might be your favourite feature, but sometimes the occasion calls for dressing them down. In reality, this peacock-coloured bra from the Triumph lingerie range lets you show off outrageously underneath.

The two-part cup design gives added support, so when you nail it in the boardroom, you know you're also rocking it under your shirt.

Friday: Doing Double Duty


For a casual meetup with a friend, you're showing up short-sleeved in thin cotton. Indoors or out, you need a bra where the straps won't peek out from the sides, whether it's an impassioned gossip session the two of you have planned or a frantic play date with your kids.

This striking red bra from Triumph has convertible straps you can hide. Great for highbrow occasions too, the plunging neckline means you can easily switch to low-cut styles when you and your friend hit the town for the night.

Saturday: Show Your Date What You've Got


Your lover thinks you're a hero every day, but you don't buy lingerie online just to please others. It's Saturday night and you're in the mood for love, determined to get what you want on date night.

The Pure Luxury Support bra lifts and shapes your bosom to project it into the gaze of your speechless admirer.

This design will make your bust look larger and your waist smaller: the perfect accompaniment to a guilt-free bottle of red wine and extra dessert at a sumptuous dinner.

As for Sunday

That's easy...

It's pyjama day.

Arm Yourself with Lingerie

Don't start another Monday with a saggy old bra. It's time to build up a versatile collection of bras to support your every function. Go on the attack to banish boring bras.

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