6 Ultra Comfortable Berlei Bras Available in D Cup

6 Ultra Comfortable Berlei Bras Available in D Cup

As strong, delicate and powerful women, we come in all shapes and sizes. Our lingerie needs fluctuate with the curves of our body as we pass through different phases in our lifetime. But there's one thing all of us want from our bras: Comfort.

Our first training bra eases us in gently, then soft cup bras might be favoured. Later on, practicality may prevail over style preferences, if you're looking for a nursing bra or mastectomy bra.

As we introduce you to a versatile range of bras from Berlei, you'll see that comfort can be found in many guises. You can find Berlei bras online for any stage in your life, in different colours and styles, and in plus sizes.

Vintage Chic in the Jacquard Wire Free Bra

Wire Free Bra

If you think it's hard to find good looking wire-free bras, you haven't seen the wire-free Berlei bras. They prove that wire-free doesn't have to mean the bra lacks shape while being uber-comfortable to wear.

This sensational Berlei Jacquard Wire Free Bra looks like it's been sensationally woven straight out of an old black and white movie. In reality, it's made from nylon and elastane for everyday wear.

The sophisticated design quietly accommodates cushioned straps to disperse the weight of your breasts for added style and comfort. You'll knock anyone dead in this little number.

Easy Does It

Post Surgery Bra

Designed for everyday wear after breast surgery, the Berlei Post Surgery Front Opening Bra is wire free for maximum comfort. It is soft against the skin with front and back fastenings, making it easier to take on and off, and thus a perfect choice for a mastectomy bra, or a bra to wear after breast reduction or breast augmentation. It also has inner pockets to hold a prosthesis if you choose to wear one.

Although it's designed to support women after surgery, this Berlei bra is helpful to any woman who might appreciate the front fastener and gentle feel – recovering from a shoulder injury, for example. Cotton blend cups offer a seamless, smooth look underneath clothes, for increased confidence at a time when you might feel your most self-conscious.

Berlei Sports Bras for Champions

Sports Bra

Another time we all feel exposed is when we play sports, especially ones that involve running, jumping… and Lycra.

For the larger-breasted lady, bounce is an uncomfortable issue. Unsupportive bras that are loose or not designed for sports won't help improve your game.

We can't guarantee you'll win, but a Berlei sports bra can certainly help fend off any distractions up top. The Berlei ProElite Support Sports Bra reduces breast bounce by up to 50% – as well as being the brand of choice for tennis champ Serena Williams.

Casual Observer in the Berlei Barely There Bra

Contour Bra

If you'd rather watch tennis with a cocktail and h'ors d'oeuvres than actually play it, you'll want a bra that's ready to sit back with you.

The Berlei Barely There Luxe Contour Bra is soft against the skin with covered comfort straps, a double layered back, and a padded hook. But don't be fooled into thinking all this softness means the Berlei Barely There contour bra is nothing but cozy loungewear.

It's made from feminine, stretchy fabric to shape your curves, so you can stay out all day at an event and still be wearing a sexy bra at night when you hit the bar.

Keep a Silky Smooth Low Profile

Minimiser Bra

If you prefer to keep your cleavage low-key, a minimiser design can help to reduce the perceived size.

This Berlei Minimiser Bra – available in soft powder, black or white, is titled the "minimising comfort bra" for good reason: It has specially designed cup seams, as well as reinforced lower cups.

If that sounds forceful, you'll be delighted to find a soft silky panel across the breast and straps, which discreetly hides the reinforcement to shape your breasts beautifully.

Accommodate a New Baby

Maternity Bra

If you're breastfeeding and your chest size expands beyond all recognition, you'll be pleased to hear the Bonds Bumps Smooth Maternity Bra is available in sizes up to an F cup.

Understated yet elegant, this maternity bra has a drop cup sling to help you nurse quickly and easily. Thankfully, you won't have to navigate a demanding or clunky strap design to satisfy your baby.

Equally, you'll appreciate the double-layer back, super soft base elastic and wire-free design of this bra. When a new baby arrives, you want a nursing bra that feels as soft and smooth as your newborn's skin.

As Versatile as the Woman Who Wears It

It's impossible to cover all of the reasons why we might need a particularly comfortable bra. In truth, we don't need a reason at all. Comfort should come as standard.

Cup your cleavage in the right size bra to give support, choose a bra that's right for the situation, and comfort will follow.

Take a look at everything that's on offer in the full plus size range from Berlei.

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