7 Women to follow for a Body-Positive 2021

7 Women to follow for a Body-Positive 2021

We've decided that 2021 is the year that we take control of our social media feeds and ensure that it's only filled with love and positivity. Because what's the point in having you're very own online 'magazine' where you're the editor if all the content makes you feel crappy about yourself? 

So instead of New Years resolutions that involve you 'eating more salad' or 'losing 10lbs', how about you make a promise to yourself to unfollow anyone on social media who makes you feel sad or bad about your body and vow to follow more people who celebrate you being you. 

To get you started we've rounded up 7 of the best...

1) Stacey McGregor

This Brisbane based babe is all about the curves and the colour. After struggling with her own body demons, Stacey decided enough was enough and it was time to embrace who she was and we're so so glad she did!


2) Megan Jayne Crabbe

Megan wasn't always such a confidence queen, as a teenager she suffered from anorexia but decided that she needed to take charge of her eating disorder and do something positive with her experiences. This is when BodyPosiPanda was born and she now spends her days doing jiggle dances, calling out diet culture and standing up for others. 


    3) Taryn Brumfitt

    Taryn Brumfitt has to be one of the biggest Australian body positive influencers. She's a mum of 3 small children and because of this Taryn identified that we need to stop the body shaming at a very young age, and teach our children to have a body positive attitude.

    Her 2016 Embrace documentary is all about inspiring people to embrace their bodies, educating everyone about positive body image, and celebrating the diversity of shape, colour and size. Taryn’s goal is to get as many people to watch her documentary worldwide and help put a stop to body shaming.


    4) Alex Light

    Alex is a UK based Instagram star whose popularity grew when she started to breakdown and banish diet culture. In her early 20s, Alex suffered with disordered eating such as Anorexia and Bulimia. As she got older she realised that the way she felt about her body was learned behaviour, something taught by others and not something she HAD to feel. So she took charge and decided to undo all the negative things she has learnt to say about her body. Since then, she's never been happier!


    5) Sarah Nicole Landry

     This Canadian mother of four is teaching us that there is NOTHING wrong with stretch marks, in fact she's showing us the opposite - They're beautiful. 



     6) Mik Zazon

    Mik shows us that it's not just your body's shape or size that should be celebrated but that we should be embracing everything about ourselves including what some people would deem 'flaws'. Mik suffers from acne like so many people do and she's highlighting that it's completely normal and that you can love yourself just as you are. 


    7) Kate Wasly

    Kate is an amazing Perth based plus sized model, who is also a passionate body positive activist who stresses that you don't have to be thin to be healthy and fit. 

    Kate is a certified personal trainer and she even does triathlons! As well as this, in 2018, kate featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue - which is pretty big time! 

    Kate says,"I’m excited to show people no matter what your size, you can go to the gym, eat healthy and be fit and do what ever the hell you want; I’m excited to be a part of a movement that focuses on health and not size."


    So there we have it! So many amazing and inspiring women to fill up your feed/timeline with! Let's take a leaf out of their books and learn to love ourselves and everything we stand for, warts and all!


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