Boobs Over Belly Buttons

The social media trend #BellyButtonChallenge was slammed by campaigners and charities for putting body image pressures on women.

Originating in China, the craze saw women around the world reaching behind their back and round their waist in an attempt to reach their belly button.

Thankfully, the trend has now been replaced by a movement with a far more positive message.

#BoobsOverBellyButtons is a new campaign created by lingerie brand Curvy Kate in partnership with breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! - and it's a trend we can really get on board with.

Curvy Kate's website explains the idea behind the movement: "We want to encourage you guys to check your boobs and get to know what normal feels like…rather than doing these ridiculous body-shaming (and downright painful) demonstrations."

Check out more at CoppaFeel to join the boob revolution!