Everything you need to know about Women's Health Week...

Everything you need to know about Women's Health Week...

If you weren’t aware it’s Women’s Health Week on the 2nd-6th September and if we’re honest we’re totally here for it. So, what is Women’s Health Week we hear you cry - well WHW is a brilliant initiative started by Jean Hailes to encourage women for a whole week to focus solely on their health, and what a blimmin' great idea that is! 

Women are often guilty of caring for others and not taking the time to think about their own well-being. Life passes by at an alarming rate and when the kids need feeding and the house needs cleaning, sometimes a little self-care can fall by the way-side. So that’s where Women’s Health Week comes in. It encourages you to examine areas of your life and see if there are ways that you can improve them. To give you a little head start we’ve put together a few ideas on how you can take part in this Women’s Health Week…


For some people exercise can be a chore but really it should be looked at as an activity that is not only good for your body but also good for you mind. Doing just 30 minutes of exercise a day can help reduce stress and also be a mood booster due to all those lovely endorphins. So why not try heading out on a walk on your lunch break, go for an evening swim or even try your hand at yoga in the living room. 

We’ve also got some amazing sports bras, activewear and swimwear to help you keep fit. 

Female Health:

This can be anything from checking your contraception, looking after your lady bits, working on your fertility or seeing your doctor about your hormones. As women we are very complex creatures and it’s important to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to ensure we’re working in tip-top order. Don’t be shy about about going to see your doctor about any issues you may have, they’ll be happy to help!

Looking after your boobs:

You should have known that the girls would get a mention! As the half of the population who have breasts it’s essential that we look after our boobs and check them regularly. With an estimated 14% of all cancer cases in Australia being Breast Cancer it’s more critical than ever to get to know what your boobs feel like and more importantly what they shouldn’t feel like. 

Make sure you check your boobs once a month (it’s best to do this at the same time each month as breast tissue can become lumpy when menstruating). It’s also wise to do this in the shower when your skin is wet and warm, allowing you to feel thoroughly. If you’d like any more advice on checking your boobs visit this site

Mastering your mind:

We touched on having a healthy mind when discussing exercise however there are plenty of ways to help relieve stress and press pause on your ‘busy button’. Take some time to have a moment alone, this could be having a quiet bath, reading or even just sitting calmly and breathing. There are also lots of apps to help with switching off and calming down, try Headspace or Calm to encourage mindfulness and meditation. You might be surprised how much these things help. 

Pamper time:

This may not have a direct link to your mental and physical health but looking after yourself by having a pamper can’t do any harm. Want your hair doing? Make an appointment and enjoy the down time. Fancy your nails doing? Treat yourself, you deserve it. Even if it’s just taking the evening to read your book in the bath with a face mask, they can all add up to a happy and healthier self. 

So there you have it, one week to remind us to look after ourselves. Why not try one of these things each day and see how much better you feel. Looking after ourselves isn’t selfish, it’s essential. 

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Thanks, Team Curvy xoxo