Got a question about Sports Bras? We'll Answer it....

Got a question about Sports Bras? We'll Answer it....

As a bra fitter I've fitted a fair few bras in my time, and I know the struggle that many women go through, to not only get a correctly fitting everyday bra but, to find one that then helps keep their boobs in place while they exercise. 

Sports bras don't only have to support your boobs by holding them up but they also have to help keep them *down* - no one wants boobs hitting them in the face while they run. So yeah, in order to get a little more support than the girl below, your sports bra will have to work pretty hard, and finding the right one for you can be tricky.

So if you've ever struggled with bouncing boobs disturbing your workout and want to know where you're going wrong, or what important factors you should be looking for then we're here to help with our Sports Bra Q&A...

1) What types of Sports Bra are there?

So, like normal bras there are tonnes of different styles out there, all of which do something slightly different. I think the main thing to bear in mind when selecting a sports bra is the level of impact you need your bra to withstand. For example, doing some light yoga vs high-tempo cardio is very different and your body moves in different ways, so which do you need? 

If you're heading out for a run then you should probably select a high-impact style such as the Glamorise High Impact Seamless Sports Bra Grey but if you're doing something a little gentler such as weights or pilates then selecting a crop top such as Triumph Triaction Control Lite Minimiser Sports Bra - Grey. If you'd like to browse our selection of styles you can do 'here' or you can also complete our bra quiz which can help you find the perfect style and fit for you...


2) How should your Sports Bra fit?

The whole point of wearing a sports bra is to limit excessive movement and to compress and encapsulate your breasts so that they stay still while you’re not. For this type of fit, your band should be snug – even snugger than your regular bra - You should be able to jump without the straps on and your bra should stay put! In terms of the cups - no sports bras aren't going to give amazing cleavage and lift but they're not supposed to. They're designed to hold your boobs still, so if your bra does these, it's doing it's job!

3) What are the benefits of wearing a Sports Bra?

Sports bras are not only beneficial for comfort (we big boobed ladies all know the pain of running up the steps with no bra on) but it's also better for your boobs in general. Inside your breasts you have a ligament that keeps your boobs 'up', over time this ligament starts to stretch and causes 'sagging', excessive movement can cause this to happen sooner rather than later so it's worth wearing one to keep your boobs in place, in and out of the bra!


4) How should you wash your Sports Bras?

Like all other bras, sports bras need care and attention so that they don't get damaged in your washing machine. That's why we recommend hand-washing sports bras regularly, or because they are less delicate than most bras, you could try them on a soft cycle in your machine. Just be aware that due to excessive sweating while wearing a sports bra, you'll probably need to wash it after every wear.

5) What's the best Sports Bras for a Plus-Bust?

 Here at Curvy we specialise in fuller-bust lingerie and this includes sports bras! So fear not, if you're a DD+ and even wear up to a K cup, we've got you covered. Brands such as Panache, Elomi and Glamorise will all keep your bust in check!

Have you tried a sports bra from us? If so, what did you think? What have you find to work for you? Let us know!