Why we love the #IamCurvyKate Campaign

Why we love the #IamCurvyKate Campaign

If you’re unfamiliar with Curvy Kate then let us quickly introduce you to them. Curvy Kate are a totally incredible brand based in the UK who love to celebrate all things women, boobs and body positivity. Their mission is to provide gorgeous well fitting lingerie to D+ women and that varies from all shapes and sizes, anything from a 6D to a 18K and above. 

Now Curvy Kate have created and run many inspiring campaigns in their decade of dominating the UK market including their annual Star in a Bra competition, their Scantilly #TheNewSexy campaign and more recently taking to the streets of London in a big red bus ladened with curvaceous beauties to celebrate their birthday. 

With all these in mind, it’s not taken lightly that we say that we think that Curvy Kate’s latest campaign is their best ever. Curvy Kate wanted to tackle the issue that most women when shopping, struggle to know what bras will look like on their body shape/boob size. The #IAmCurvyKate campaign brought together 150 women across 99 different sizes and the brand photographed each and every one of them in varying styles meaning their customers can see what they might look like in a similar style - genius right?!

And not only is the campaign and the imagery caught from it incredibly useful in their bid to make shopping for lingerie easier but it’s also an amazing celebration of women’s bodies and showing the beauty in our uniqueness. There’s something very powerful about 150 women all standing in their underwear and embracing their bodies exactly how they are. 

So we just wanted to just say a humongous congratulations to Curvy Kate for pulling off such an amazing social push - we’re in awe! 

If you want to shop the styles features then please visit our Curvy Kate Page on the site. 

Lastly, if by looking through these images you believe you might be in the wrong size (do remember every body is different) then do let us know via customercare@curvy.com.au as we’d be happy to help you out. Equally you can take our Bra Fitting quiz by clicking here.