Instagram Bans #curvy for Full Figured Lingerie

Instagram Bans #curvy for Full Figured Lingerie

Instagram Bans #Curvy

Popular photo sharing app Instagram has banned the search term "curvy", sparking outrage and bemusement from many users.

The company says the rationale behind the move was the fact that porn companies used the term to share content, reports CNN.

But people have taken to other forms of social media to express their disagreement over the move with some even calling it "absolutely disgusting".

While #Curvy is no longer searchable in the app or the desktop version, many people have been quick to point out that other, more insidious search terms such as "Thinspo" which encourages girls to post photos of themselves looking skinny, still remain.

We believe empowering women through promoting body confidence is really import which is why we are fighting back with the hashtag #bringbackcurvy.