Sonsee Hosiery - Perfect for the fuller figure.

Sonsee Hosiery - Perfect for the fuller figure.


Gone are the days where curvaceous women would struggle to find truly fitting hosiery! The Sonsee team have designed sexy, luxurious hosiery that is beautifully made to perfectly fit the curvier ladies.

Until now, plus size hosiery has been tight, controlling, restricting and bland. Not any more!

Italian materials and manufacturing have married to create hosiery that stretches beyond your imagination, and designed to suit females sizes 14- 28.


 With 360 degree stretch, Sonsee hosiery fits the lower legs, the thighs, the hips and the bottom without sagging, bagging or muffin-topping

 With anti-roll waistband, Sonsee hosiery can be worn high or low on the waist

 Nothing is on the market that comes close to Sonsee's broad range of sizes

 Sonsee's offers a broad range of products and seasonal colours

 Extra reinforcement at the thighs means Sonsee wears out less quickly

SONSEE really dose not need a well-worded introduction, it simply need to be seen to be believed. Sonsee women have been praising Sonsee for using 'real women' in their campaign. "It was really important for us as a brand to show the depth of the product on women who will be wearing Sonsee. Sonsee women don't want to see Sonsee on an 'imaginary' plus-size model who is really only a size 10-12 – they want to see it on real women, with curves and bums just like them" says Sonsee Co Founder Sam Awadalla.

Available 10/7/15 - To pre-order, call us now on 02 9774 8086

What Women are saying:

These aren't just any stockings oh,no, they are small miracles produced by Sonsee. Fashionadjacent -Australian Blogger

I tried the tights on for the first time I was blown away. Sonsee tights are absolutely amazing. Everything that they'd promised about the it was absolute true. Frocks & Frou Frou- Austrlaian Blogger

As a woman with large legs, I have a hard time finding tights that are big enough in that regin.Sonsee definitely delivers on their promise- Garner Style - American Blogger

I wore them for the first time on Friday.They were ridiculously comfortable, didn't dig in, didn't slide down, hardly knew I had them on all day. I'll defintely will be buying some more. Your're doing a great job, happy to support you. - Helen Hatton - Katoomba

You Magnificent Bastards!, Never have I been more comfortable and confident in hosiery. Amazing...overkill but holy life changing I'll be back for so many more. Lisa Wyatt- Leichhardt

I truly think you company is doing a great thing. I know how it feels to stand in department store and look a rows and rows of tight only to find I can fit into maybe one pair. So I can only image the happiness you're bringing to other plus size people who would have been exclude from something most people take for granted. - Laura McCalman - Essendon