Triumph Team Picks

Team Picks!

Here at Curvy HQ we are so excited about our current Buy 2 get 1 Free promotion on selected Triumph styles, we cannot get enough!
We have decided to put together our team picks to showcase our favourite Triumph styles.

1. Every women needs a sexier lace style for feel feminine and luxurious.
The Amourette Bra is a supportive, comfortable style with a hint of sexiness from the gorgeous lace detail.

2. Work hard, play hard. A supportive and comfortable sports bra is essential for any workout.
The Triaction Performance Sports bra offers maximum support for even the most serious gym junkies.

3. Special event? A classic strapless bra will see you through all the seasons.
The Beautiful Silhouette is perfect for those special occasion dresses or those spaghetti strap tanks.

4. Any mum or expecting mum will know the importance of a maternity and nursing bra!
The Lace Maternity Bra provides ultimate comfort during all stages of your pregnancy!

5. Last but not least- the essential T-Shirt bra.
A simple, classic shape that offers a smooth finish underneath any outfit.
The Luxury Gorgeous T-Shirt Bra is soft, supportive and invisible underneath your lightest T-Shirts!

These five styles are by far our favourite Curvy picks, they will cover every occasion whilst offering maximum support.
Don't take our word for it- Try these Triumph styles and see for yourself!
Carla @ Curvy x


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