Why your Curvy bras could be helping women all over the world...

Why your Curvy bras could be helping women all over the world...

How would you feel if I told you that by buying one of our bras you could help teach a young women in Cambodia about domestic violence or give a woman in Uganda business skills to earn a living and it won't cost you any extra? Sounds almost too good to be true right? Well it's not! Your shopping habits can really help someone!


Here at Curvy we're all about supporting women (and we don't just mean their busts), so that's why we've teamed up with Buy1Give1 because we wanted to give back to those people who are less fortunate than us. We figured the best way to do this would be to create an impact for every order that is made on our site. We wanted to feel that we're not only helping women find well-fitting lingerie and teaching them to feel good about their curves but we are also affecting change in the world in different ways.


Helping Young Girls Stay in School

For our current project, we've chosen to support Academy of Root Development in their mission to educate Indian women on Family Planning, which in turn encourages girls to stay in education longer and gain better life prospects. They help young girls who are often forced into arranged marriages from the age of 16, and because of their age, they have very little knowledge about getting pregnant or having babies and the toll this can have on their bodies. These information sessions are aimed at unmarried girls and young newly married women who need support. The monthly sessions cover a wide range of family planning matters such as contraception and family planning strategies. Young couples are also encouraged to delay and space their pregnancies as smaller families with well-spaced births are healthier and more financially stable. All these things then lead to greater opportunities for education of girls and better lifestyles.

In order for us (and you) to help these women, we've teamed up with Buy1Give, an amazing initiative who help to support people all over the world through businesses. Their whole premise is that businesses choose an action that suits them, be that buying a coffee from a cafe or providing a legal advice from a lawyer and every action results in an impact that helps someone else around the world. So, by shopping with us, our current donation to this cause pays the wages for the staff at the Family Planning sessions, however Buy1Give1 have a huge amount of projects which we are able to support and in the future we'll be looking for new projects to get behind.

So from now on, every order that we receive will result in an impact. So your Triumph bra could help provide ante-natal classes to vulnerable pregnant women in Thailand or your new bikini could provide education and relief from domestic abuse in Cambodia. Just rest assured that your Curvy purchases are really making a difference. 

Just look how many impacts your orders have already made...


Every time you shop with us, you can feel good knowing that you're supporting women in need.