12 facts about our new Digital Marketing Manager - Chantelle!

12 facts about our new Digital Marketing Manager - Chantelle!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by 👋

My name is Chantelle and I'm Curvy's brand new Digital Marketing Manager - nice to E-meet you! 

Now instead of boring you with all our marketing plans and what we'll be doing on social media I thought I'd tell you a little bit about me in the form of 12 top facts, because who doesn't love a good listicle! So here goes:

  1. I live in the United Kingdom - Yorkshire to be specific!
  2. I used to work for UK lingerie brand Curvy Kate so I'm very well versed in DD+ lingerie!                                                                                                     
  3. I wear a 8H bra size or 30H if you're in the UK.
  4. My Favourite food is a good old fashioned British roast dinner - I'm obsessed with gravy.
  5. I've been deemed 'The Bra Whisperer' in the past by the UK press as I can tell a women's bra size just by looking! Don't believe me? Google it!             
  6. I'm crazy about bra fitting and do it everywhere I go, including in the pub on a Friday night!
  7. I've never been to Australia but I would love to visit.
  8. I took part in Curvy Kate's 'Star in a Bra' Competition in 2013 and came 3rd - it's how I landed the job! (I'm the one holding the 'V').                            
  9. My nickname is 'Crabbers' due to unfortunate maiden name of Crabb. 
  10. I've been on National TV in the UK to talk about Bras and Boobs 3 times - and it was live!                                                                                                    
  11. I've run a half marathon - hardest thing I've ever done! Having a good sports bra was my only saving grace. (I wore this one). 
  12. My favourite music is 00s RnB. 

I'm hoping that will give you a little taste of who I am and hopefully you'll be seeing lots more of me popping up on your social feeds! 

Love Chantelle (Crabbers) x

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