You can wear this new bra all day without any discomfort!

You can wear this new bra all day without any discomfort!

Watch Amelia's review and find out why this new Sugar Candy Lounge Bra is the best full cup bra yet!

Support AND comfort *mind blown*. This bralette is essentially track-pants for your boobs. Need we say more?

We feel most of our readers pain. It's hard to find a bra that actually feels good to wear AND looks stylish. We almost gave up too until we came across this new bra: Sugar Candy Lounge Bra

First of all, this bra accommodates full cup size! The wireless bralette designed for F — H cup gals (that actually supports) comes in 6 easy sizes covering 35 cup + band sizes.

Diggy in wires straight to the boob? No thank you! So here's a wire-less bra with wire-like knitted support. 

It's also Anti-monoboob because merging boobs makes no sense for many reasons. With the knitted support and inner sling that lifts and separates, it'll keep your tas apart so you can keep it together. 

Did we mention the best part? Sweat free boobs. Say goodbye to the dreaded boob sweat. Made of moisture wicking fabric, Sugar Candy will keep you dry, confident and worry free.